Heart of Midlothian

The Heart of Midlothian

September 3, 2019 keithdedinburgh

Easy to miss unless a tour guide points it out, the Heart of Midlothian is an arrangement of cobbles in Parliament Square outside St Giles Cathedral. Between the grand western door of the cathedral and the statue to the 5th Read more…

The Witches’ Well

September 11, 2019 keithdedinburgh

Few visitors approaching Edinburgh Castle across the Esplanade are aware they are walking across the site of one of the darkest periods of Scottish history. Part thanks to King James VI’s pathological fear of witchcraft, hundreds of people – mostly Read more…

The Skeletons of Princes St Gardens

September 8, 2019 keithdedinburgh

In 1820, excavations by the Well House Tower at the base of Castle Rock uncovered a grisly find. As Edinburgh lawyer, artist and friend of Sir Walter Scott, James Skene of Rubislaw put it, writing in Archeol. Scot in 1822: Read more…

Greyfriars Kirkyard

Greyfriars Kirkyard


Frequently cited as the most haunted place in Edinburgh.